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Analyze thousands of quotes and position your brand against the competition

Versus Analytics detects the position of each insurer, combining various metrics and a deep analysis of all the operations generated in the market.

In market analysis we can make a comparison of the competitors in the market.

The platform combines more than 27 different metrics and parameters, providing a deeper and more detailed view of how each competitor is moving in the market. Up-to-date, accurate and reliable information to adapt positioning and pricing strategies.

With the analyzed data, positioning models can be developed.

Versus Analytics organizes this information and offers, through a powerful catalog of filters and visions, the possibility of studying the market from all perspectives: suppliers, distributors, volume, ratios, average prices, segmentation…

And all with maximum reliability and speed.

Do you need to expand this data?

Discover Versus Analytics and access a universe of metrics, reports and analysis that is unique in the market.

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