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FAQs - Versus Data


What is Versus Data?

Versus Data is a website that offers, openly and free of charge, a window into the production figures, evolution and trends in the Spanish insurance market. Here you can consult the projects, number of policies issued and average premiums in three different time ranges: the last 24 hours (the data shown in real time), the last 7 days and the previous 28 days. In addition, this data can be consulted province by province, thanks to its geographical segmentation function.

What is Versus Analytics?

Versus Analytics is a commercial application (for a fee) that monitors the Spanish insurance market and provides access to the production records of the last 10 years in the Avant2 Sales Manager multitarifier. It operates and records data in real time, providing figures, graphs and metrics that are updated every 24 hours. Its ability to perform in-depth analysis, with a multitude of different segments and time ranges, gives the user access to complex reports, advanced metrics and customisable market research generation. These features make Versus Analytics an unparalleled platform in the technological landscape of the insurance sector in Spain. It is the tool capable of providing the most secure and reliable data on how the market is behaving.

Where does the data displayed by Versus Data come from?

Versus Data is a website that is powered by the data generated in the Versus Analytics business application. Versus Analytics collects and analyses all traffic from the Avant2 Sales Manager multi-pricer at a national level, with a monthly average of almost three million rates and updated every 24 hours.

Can I download the information?

No. Versus Data is a website that offers only a quick overview of the market. To dive deeper into the data, access and download advanced reports and metrics, the user must purchase the Versus Analytics application. For more information about Versus Analytics, please go to:

How can I see the figures at the national level?

To access the figures for all of Spain, you just have to click on any sea area and the application loads the aggregated data at the national level.

What is meant by a project?

The term ‘project’ refers to a single risk quoted in Avant2 Sales Manager: for example, the data for a car, regardless of any variations we may make to driver data, insurance types, etc.

The average premiums that appear, are they from quotes or issues?

In the entire Versus Data application, the average premiums of the real emissions are shown, so that we do not work with the prices of the proposal, but with the actual contracting.

Can I choose other time periods?

Versus Data only works with two time periods: 7 days and 28 days, with their respective comparisons with previous periods. To access different time periods and a wider range of segmentation, you must access the Versus Analytics application. There you will find up to 10 years of metrics and figures.

Who defines the classification of household modalities?

The categories are defined by the insurance companies in the three categories that Versus Data collects.

Why do the same figures always appear in the evaluation of projects in different modalities?

The data is treated with a multi-pricing, so that in all the projects the prices of all the modalities are calculated.

Why do two of the 7-day data show almost no values?

The analysis of the last 7 days always includes a weekend, days in which there is hardly any activity in quotes and issues, which is why the values are almost always close to zero.